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Why you shouldn’t install the leaked version of Windows 11?

Ahead of the Windows 11 release, Microsoft’s Windows 11 leak took the internet by storm. Here’s why you shouldn’t opt for the leaked version of Windows 11

What is Windows 11?

Microsoft’s next version of Windows Operating System, Windows 11 was announced by Microsoft’s event earlier this week.

One of the most significant updates of Windows of the past decade.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief
Windows 11 Teaser released by Microsoft

Windows 11 Leaked Version

A Windows 11 ISO download is floating around on the internet.  There is a big rush to download and have firsthand experience with it.  

The current test build of Windows 11 might be having many problems.  The build is unfinished, which means it could have bugs. These bugs may lead to crashes and other problems. 

It could be very risky to install.  Users who intend to install the leaked version might end up running a neutered version of the operating system update.   It is not worth the trouble since the final release coming out soon by the end of the year.

Download Windows 11

At the moment you can’t download Windows 11 directly from Microsoft. That means you need to search for the unofficial ISO online. However, Microsoft doesn’t want everyone to downloaded this due to the risks involved. 

According to a report by Fossbytes, Microsoft Japan filed a complaint against Beebom for distributing the unreleased version.  It also asked Google to remove beebom’s article, which contains the leaked version of the windows 11 release from the search engine.

And of course, whenever there’s a huge rush for the download, there are bad actors ready to infect downloads with malicious software. For this reason alone, I do not recommend installing Windows 11.

How to install Windows 11?

If these warnings did not stop your craving for the installation, you should at least use a secondary computer, instead of the main computer.  Make sure to use the PC where you don’t have any sensitive data.

YouTube channel LinusTechTips went through the process of installing Windows 11, the process is far from ideal. 

They were able to get a near-native rendition of Windows 11 running with an Nvidia RTX GPU.  Even then, it was not a straightforward way to get things working.  Likely most users do not have the expertise or equipment — given the current RTX 3080 restock shortage — to get this to work considering the fact that it has many loopholes. 

Windows 11 Release Date – When can I install Windows 11?

Microsoft hasn’t yet given a specific release date for Windows 11.  However, according to Microsoft’s statement, Windows 11 will be available as a free upgrade for windows 10 PCs and for new PCs end of this year. That means we have to wait a little longer.

Windows 11 System Requirement – Am I Eligible to Upgrade to Windows 11?

Microsoft confirmed that upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11 is free.  Here is the minimum hardware specification required for Microsoft Windows 11 installation

  • 64-bit processor
  • 1GHz dual-core CPU
  • 64GB storage
  • 4GB RAM
  • UEFI, Secure Boot, and TPM 1.2/2.0
  • DirectX 12 compatible graphics/WDDM 2.x

A 65-bit processor is a notable requirement comparing to Windows 10.  Also, Windows 11 requires 4GB RAM, up from 2GB.

It is time to shop for a Windows 11 compatible PC.

 How to check if your laptop can run Windows 11?

Use the PC Health Check app to see if your current PC meets the requirements to run Windows 11. If so, you can get a free upgrade when it rolls out.

Your computer requires a minimum configuration as said earlier to be able to run Windows 11.  Microsoft releases PC Health Check App which will identify your computer’s compatibility for Windows 11.

I ran this tool on my laptop and it says that my pc meets all the system requirements for Windows 11.  Bingo.

This tool gives you more details on why your computer is not compatible. It gives uses if there are any issues with their storage, processor, or secure boot compatibility.

Download Microsoft’s PC Health Check here

How did I install Windows 11?

Like you, I am also curious to get my hands on it. As I mentioned, installing Windows 11 leaked version is recommended either on a Virtual Machine or a computer without personal data. I installed it in a Virtual Machine created using Oracle VM VirtualBox.   You also install and try it.  You don’t need to take a risk when you install it using a Virtual Machine.


Have patience. The official Microsoft Windows 11 release is not too far away. My advice would simply be to hold off on downloading and installing this test build on your PCs. It’s best to hold off until the official release during falls this year. 

It might be safer to try once the official release happens.  It can be tested via the Windows Insider route, which will be eligible for support if required.