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Stay safe with Zero-Knowledge Encryption

How do you know that your files are safe online? Zero-knowledge knowledge encryption, No knowledge privacy, or Zero-knowledge proof helps you to protect your privacy and data.

For many of us, the security of our data on cloud services is the biggest risk.  9 out of 10 Internet users are unaware that their photos, videos, and documents are not safe online.

What does zero-knowledge encryption mean?

In non-technical terms, it means that your data is 100% private and only readable by you.  No plaintext data, no keys, or file metadata is ever stored on the provider’s servers.  All this ensures the absolute confidentiality of your data nobody, even cloud storage can provide. 

It is the ultimate method to keep your data private and make sure your data is completely protected at all times.

How zero-knowledge works in cloud services?

It encrypts your files on your device and decrypts them after you upload them to the cloud. Only you can decrypt and read the files with your private password because it lies with you.  With zero-knowledge encryption your cloud storage is more secure.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of zero-knowledge encryption.

Advantages of zero-knowledge cloud storage:

Typically whatever service you sign for, will store your password with them.  Even though it might be safe, there is a risk involved since hackers might try and steal your identity or take control of your data. 

Zero-knowledge services can’t see your data even if a government agency asked for it. Simply because the encryption is with you not with the provider.

At the same time remember that the security of your data not only lies with the password.  Other factors too determining the privacy of your data which lies with the service provider.

Disadvantages of zero-knowledge cloud storage:

It comes with it some downsides too.  If you forget the password, it is gone.  If you lost your password, it is not possible to retrieve it.  Zero-knowledge encryption does not keep the key with the provider. But it keeps the proof that you have the key. You must save the password in a safe place to ensure it is not lost, so that you wont loose it.

Since your security is paramount, previewing documents for instance is not possible in some of these providers.

Which cloud storage supports zero-knowledge encryption?

Not all cloud storage supports zero-knowledge protection.  Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive do not provide zero-knowledge protection.  In this case, you can use zero-knowledge encryption software, such as Boxcryptor which turns these services into zero-knowledge storage.

Here is the list of zero-knowledge cloud storage providers:– the zero-knowledge cloud provider is included in every plan,  as well as the free plan

Tresorit – zero-knowledge included

pCloud – zero-knowledge included with paid plans

I recommend you to read the cloud storage comparison to see a review of these providers.


Zero-knowledge encryption or no-knowledge encryption and zero-knowledge proof play an important role in many technologies such as cloud storage, BlockChain, and Cryptography.

Zero-knowledge cloud services come with some disadvantages and come with massive advantages.  Since security and privacy are the main concerns for you, using zero-knowledge security is important.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the most secured cloud storage?

After weighting all the pros and cons I think it would be best to go with It offers zero-knowledge encryption out of the box, even for free users.

How can a zero-knowledge proof system deliver better security?

Zero-knowledge proof can also facilitate transmitting sensitive information like authentication information with better security. It can build a secure channel for you to employ your information without revealing it.

How do I secure my DropBox?

Being one of the best cloud storage, DropBox does not offers the zero-knowledge encryption out of the box. To achieve this you can use zero-knowledge encryption softwares. such as Boxcrtptor which turns these services into zero-knowledge storage.