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How to change YouTube Playback Speed

Are you in a hurry to watch a long video in a short time? It is easy to speed up the playback speed of YouTube videos on the website and the mobile app. You can change YouTube playback speed from the setting pane in the YouTube player.

How YouTube’s Playback Speed Controls Work

The “Playback speed” feature of YouTube allows you to change playback speed between 0.25 to 2 being the fastest.

The settings in the YouTube video player lets you change the default playback speed of the video. You may go as high as 2x that will play the video at twice the normal speed. The lower limit is 0.25 that will slow down the video to one-fourth the original speed.

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Yet, you must know that the playback speed doesn’t affect the original pitch of the video.  YouTube achieving this by compresses or expands the video and audio samples to maintain the same pitch during the playback. 

You can change the playback speed both in the web browser and in the mobile app for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

How to change YouTube playback speed on the web:

To speed up or slow down the video:

  1. bring up the playback toolbar and click the “gear” icon located at the lower-right corner of the video.

2. Click “Playback speed” in the menu that appears.

3. In the “Playback speed” menu, select the desired speed.  You can select a speed anywhere between 0.25 times and 2 times the speed.  You cal also choose a custom value within that range. Any value less than 1 will slow the video down, while any value greater than 1 will speed up the video.

Once you selected your desired speed, click outside the menu to close it. When you play the video next time, the video will play at the speed you selected.

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How to change YouTube Playback Speed on the Mobile App

f you’d like to slow down or speed up a YouTube video on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, first open the YouTube app. While playing a video, tap the screen once to bring up the toolbar, then tap the vertical ellipses button in the upper-right corner of the video frame.

  1. On the video, tap the screen to bring up the toolbar, then tap the three dots button located in the upper right corner.

2. Select “Playback speed” in the menu that pops up.

3. Select the speed that you like in the “Playback speed”. Know that any value less than 1 slows down and any value greater than 1 speed up.

After that, close the menu, and the video will resume at the selected speed. If you need to change it back to the regular speed, tap the ellipses button again and change the speed to “1.”

Changing playback speed does not effect your data usage. To reduce the data usage you read another article on how to reduce data usage while using YouTube.

There is a crhome extention Youtube Playback Speed Control. This chrome extention is handy tool to control the playback speed.

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