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How to back up Google and Microsoft accounts

There are many risks involved when you use cloud accounts such as Microsoft and Google.  The main risk is you could lose access to your account due to many reasons.  Your data might be erased by malware predators.  You might have your account suspended for an odd reason. It is recomended to back up google amd back up microsoft accounts to avoid losing of data.

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Even though the chances of losing your data are rare, it will be a big blow to your personal data when or if it happens. You need to always have a backup of everything to avoid such situations. Both Microsoft and Google provide many services to make sure your data is backed up and protected.  

A backup with these services may never be needed, but you will get the extra protection if you ever do.

Here are the simple steps to backup Microsoft accounts:

Backup Outlook Content

Microsoft allows to backup all its contents. You can back up Outlook email and data from other services.

How to backup Outlook content?

  1. Go to in a browser.
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner.
  3. Click View all Outlook settings.
  4. Select General in the first column
  5. Select Privacy and data in the second column.
  6. Click Export mailbox in the third pane.
  7. You will be emailed when the backup is ready.

Backup Outlook, Backup Microsoft Account

It can take up to four days for Microsoft to gather your data and make it available for download. The backup includes email, calendar, and contacts, or whatever you have selected during the backup. You can also return for a revisit to check whether it has been done, in which case there will be a download link.  You can also wait for an email notification saying your backup is ready.

Download Outlook Backup

You can download the backup by clicking on the link provided and save the file to your computer. It contains almost everything except OneDrive files which are not included.

If you want to back up OneDrive, choose the option to store files online and on the disk. use OneDrive on the computer.  Copy of your OneDrive files will be saved on your disk when you choose the option to store on your disk.

Back up Google Account

Google provides extensive backup solution. You can backup Google Photos, backup Google Contacts and backup Google Drive.

How to back up Google account?

  1. Open a browser and go to
  2. Select all the items you want to back up.
  3. Click Next step at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select the export options and click Create export.

Backup Google Contact Backup Gmail Contact

Google Takeout: Export Google data.

Google backup includes all Its services like Google Drive files, Blogger and Classic websites, and Google Photos. The list of these services is huge and very comprehensive.

The backup time depends on the services you choose to back. Choose which is necessary for you like Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, and Keep. There are many things you really don’t need.

Google Takeout export options

You can also schedule the backup that backed up the data at regular intervals. You can schedule a backup on a monthly or weekly basis which is especially useful.

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