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The Latest Storage Technology

The first hard drive was developed in 1956, which stored only 5MB of data and weighed over 1000 kilograms. The storage technology has come an exceptionally

7 Proven Ways To Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is when someone uses your data to impersonate you, commonly used for their financial gain. In this article you will learn the 7 proven ways

Best Remote Work Tools for 2021

Remote work is the way most businesses are going now, but that doesn’t mean that your team isn’t working together. Being able to work together is even more

Free RSS Feed Readers – 4 Best Readers

If you're looking for a replacement for Google Reader check out the following 5 RSS reader apps that keep you up to date—for free.  In this post, I’ll be

SSL Certificate – A Beginner Guide

You might have noticed that some URLs start with HTTP:// and some other start with HTTPS:// What is that extra “s” mean to the website? Where does it come

The Best 5 Antivirus for 2021

While most of the people in the world dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, on the other side most of the computer users are dealing with the constantly

A new standard for Smart Home Products

Amazon, Apple, Google, and the Zigbee Alliance joined together to promote the formation of the Working Group. Zigbee Alliance board member companies IKEA,