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5 Best Antivirus Software with Parental Controls

Parenthood is not just feeding and caring for your children. It is essential to guide them as the internet can be a vast place for them to explore. Today its become more complicated to protect your kid’s online presence. The 5 best antivirus software with parental controls featured in this will help you with that.

Now there is some quality antivirus software with parental controls along with stand-alone parental control apps.  It is possible to keep kid’s exposure safe even though it is impossible to keep them away from the technology.

The need for AntiVirus software with Parental Controls

Both of my kids spend lots of time on the internet and they do most of their school work virtually.  To protect my kids from predators and hackers without interfering with their exploration, I needed to find antivirus software with parental control.

I wanted to be sure that these software’s malware protection and child protection provide my family with the feature we need to stay safe.

I have found 5 antivirus programs with valuable parental control features that help me protect my kids from the dangers of the online world.

These options should be available in this software:

  • Content filtering.
  • Usage limitations for apps and devices
  • App blocking.
  • Location sharing and geo-fencing.
  • Remote monitoring

Several antivirus programs exist today.  But it is rare for them to provide parental control as free. My search goes on to find the best antivirus software that also provides the best parental controls.

Crime against children in the cyber world

According to the FBI every year, thousands of children become victims of online crimes. Child predators have learned to use the power of the internet since they don’t need to be limited to any geographical location. 

According interpol’s assessment, the Covid 19 pandemic increased the number of cases of child exploitation through the internet.  These findings highlight the threats and trends in the current context compared to pre-pandemic measures. 

“What the report shows is that we are seeing just the tip of a growing iceberg in terms of online child exploitation.”

Jürgen Stock, INTERPOL Secretary General

Why do you need to use parental controls?

A parental control antivirus software not only protects your kid’s devices from viruses It also protects the device from malicious websites and blocks harmful and inappropriate content. It also allows you to monitor online activity making your whole family safer online.

it protects the device from cybercrimes which is becoming an important precaution as we all develop technologically. I can’t stress more on the benefits of the parental control antiviruses

A parental control antivirus also allows you to regulate the screentime of your kids.  This software lets you back up the data from kid’s devices so that they won’t lose anything.

How to select the Antivirus Programs with Parental Controls?

  • Malware protection. Without malware protection, Parental controls can’t keep hackers from invading. Addressing 100% of security threats, including ransomware, spyware, and adware is essential for any antivirus software.
  • Parental controls. Content blockers either flagging innocent content or letting kids access dangerous parts of the web is not considered good software. Location trackers and geo-fencing features must be accurate and responsive. All the software in this list will provide you peace of mind without false notifications.
  • Ease of use. Unlike me, a lot of parents aren’t computer experts. These recommended products have user interfaces to ensure the controls are easy to access, understand, and use.
  • Value. Lots of standalone parental control apps are available today. Unlike antivirus software, they lack basic cybersecurity protections.

My list consists of the best quality antivirus software with all the best parental control at a very competitive price

Best Antivirus Software with Free Parental Controls

1. Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe is a premium antivirus software that offers 360 degrees of protection for the entire family.  

Its robust tools will help you secure all aspects of your family’s online presence.  Its Nortal family parental control has these key features:

  • Location Supervision. Be informed about the location of your kids.
  • Mobile App Supervision. Regulate what apps they can use as well as review download history.
  • School Time. Lock some apps other than school and learning apps to prevent distraction during school time.
  • Search Supervision. Find out what your children searching for on the web.
  • Time Supervision. Schedule their screen-time.
  • Video Supervision. Find out what videos they are watching online and block inappropriate channels.
  • Web Supervision. View their web history and block inappropriate websites.

It provides a very convenient parental control dashboard, which is a very effective way of using this software.  That provides you an overview of all of your kid’s online activity.

2. Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security is one of the top-selling privacy and security suites as of now. You can customize a safe environment for the kids with its very simplified approach.

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total Security can be pumped with many paid add-on features.  Kaspersky Safe Kids is one of the highly useful features.  It helps you to protect your kids in the online world.  It offers so much, but these are the best it has:

Prevent harmful YouTube searches.

  • Block adult content and websites.
  • Manage their device screen time.
  • Regulate what apps and games they can use and play.
  • Advice and tips from several child psychologists about online topics.
  • Alerts when your kid’s phone battery is running low.
  • Locate your child through GPS.
  • Define an area for them and receive alerts when they step out from it.

Apart from this, it also has advanced functions such as virus and crypto lockers protection.  It will safeguard your devices from malware that locks your data and required a ransom to unlock.

3. Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security offers cross-platform protection for a single purchase. This is a more economical choice when it comes to choosing antivirus software that is good for the whole family.

Its bundled Parental Control with the usual privacy-focused tools makes it a better choice for everyone. You will get essential features like app monitoring, screen-time limits, safe browsing, and location tracking for your kid’s device.

It is not very intuitive to user unline other software and still it is a solid choice when comes to family safety.

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4. BullGuard Internet Security

Bullguard is one of the highly mentioned antivirus software with parental controls in many publications on the web.  The features and capabilities it provides are the reason for its popularity.  Features like secure browser, cloud-integrated backup, and gaming booster are more popular. BullGuard provides faster threat detection and processing rate due to its enhanced dynamic machine learning.

Its Parental Control enables you to protect your kids by limiting their web activity, blocking suspicious websites, monitor web activity, and block certain applications on their devices.

5. McAfee LiveSafe

McAfee LiveSaf is well known award-winning antivirus, kn It is well known for its protection both online and offline. Being one of the earliest antivirus software ever, it is used to be able to protect users.

It has some elegant privacy features available for all platforms.  It’s one of the oldest antivirus software, it evolved through many technological advances over time and providing a firm layer solid level of security for its users.

These are some of its main strengths:

  • Vulnerability scanner. Scans Windows application updates and installs It.
  • Identity theft protection
  • Anti-spam. Remove junk mails from your inbox before it receives them.
  • Password Manager. Generate unique passwords, store, and manage them in a single secure place.
  • PC Optimization. Optimize your PC automatically to run faster.
  • McAfee Shredder. Ensures your sensitive data are deleted and no traces are left behind.

It stands out from the crowd by providing free customer support via phone or chat.  No other antivirus software provides such strong support.

Are parental controls necessary for antivirus software? 

Online parental controls will help you identify your kids’ web activities and conveniently manage their devices.

Not all antivirus software performs better when compared to the list above. It is always good to keep children safe from whatever cyber threats that may come from their online activity. 

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